Friday, May 08, 2009

the slow grind to my epic flyer

Read an interesting post over at The Noisy Rogue (which, curiously enough, I read as Thenois Y Rogue when I first saw the URL) about, amongst other things, grinding for the epic flyer.

I am doing this. Ask me if I enjoy it. Go on.

I'm up to 2000g, mostly from dailies. Problem is, I'm also starting to gear up in Nax, and every time I get a new bit of kit I feel honour-bound to gem and enchant it to maximise my raid utility. Each tasty new piece of equipment is, in fact, a bill for between fifty and several hundred gold and, by extension, an invoice for several hours of doing dailies.

Yay upgrades. Woo.

So I've started looking for other ways to increase my earning rate. Advertising in /trade as an Ironforge tram tranny-toy has met with limited and fairly disturbing success. Somewhat more successful was spending the time and cash to level Merrybelle to 350 enchanting, and shipping all my BoE drops to her for DE. Thomasy (my bank alt) is also scouring the AH for bargain ilvl 121+ items for DE into Infinite Dust and Cosmic Essence, both of which are key materials for Northrend enchants and are in high demand. Based on limited testing, I can make about a 25% profit on this. However, it's limited by the supply of AH greens, and it will take me a bit to figure out the most economical stack sizes - individuals purchasing for specific enchants will want specific stack sizes, but enchanters will want big stacks. Saving all the auctions for 48 hour Friday night stacks is probably a good idea.

The Argent Tournament doesn't seem to be the goldmine that everyone says - maybe because I'm still a lowly Aspirant edit: just became a Valiant of Stormwind! We shall see. Whenever possible, I'm doing the five tournament dailies, plus the cooking and fishing ones, and four of the Hodir ones for rep. That's about 143g per day, plus what I dig up on heroics and drops (plus Wintergrasp if I can be arsed).

Any other ideas?

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