Monday, May 18, 2009

the pressure, the pressure!

It's been a good week. Got my artisan flying (finally!) and became a Champion of Stormwind. Rode the loot train to Epicville last night in a 20-man H Nax and walked out after 3 wings with Twilight Mist, Webbed Death (both now avec Mongoose), Grim Toll and the Ring of Invincibility from emblems. Pretty happy with 3.8k DPS on Patchwerk (new 25 man record).

But the majority of the run was done under the crushing pressure of achieving The Immortal - pretty ambitious when we had only 20 in the raid. You could feel the tension grow on Vent as we strode nervously into Heigan's room, and the more experienced players simply waved it off as a fait accompli that someone would bite the dust on the dancefloor. Personally, I was pooping myself - having only seen the dance twice before, and only surviving it once.

Once it started, it was obvious that the achievement pressure was weighing on our DPS greatly as we kept one eye firmly on the ground (and the other too, as often as we could). In the end, despite the flares being dropped out of position and having to compensate for that ("run 2 meters to the right of the 2 middle flares!") and due in no small part to the awesomeness of our healers, we all lived.

In the end, it was Gluth that got us. There were 2 deaths to Zombie Chow. One of them messaged the raid to express his sorrow at borking the achievement, and I whispered back "dude, there are 18 people who just breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't them that borked it" at which he laughed. It's true too - the remainder of the raid was much more pleasant though it must be said, less disciplined - and I count myself too, taking my eye off the ball on Thaddius and getting fried for my trouble.

Maybe next time eh. For now, rejoice in the madness of purple fever (and grind for enchants).


  1. Big grats on the epic flying. It's just such a relief to finally get that one done.

  2. Thanks Adam. Yep, it was a long hard road. I always feel that as a raider my first priority is my raid utility, and that means enchants etc take priority over the epic flying. I finally took some time to do something for ME :)

  3. Haha Cat, I'm pretty sure I was in that raid with you. It was a lot of fun but you're right, we all knew (except perhaps Goteboy) that it was an impossible ask & I was just hoping it wasn't going to be me. You can usually rely on one of the melee dps to step in the fire on Heigan so it was a huge disappointment when everyone lived through that fight. I think we actually wiped on Thaddius on the first attempt didn't we?

  4. Yup Bel, there was a full wipe on Thaddius.

    I freaking hate Heigan if nobody's yet died on a boss. :) People always seem to do better on it when the pressure's off.