Monday, April 27, 2009

the surprising fun of achievements

I had a funny day today. I was busy with a lot of work but took some time at lunch to do the fishing and cooking dailies. That's when I got bunny-eared.

"What's all this?" I thought, and after some research, had discovered the Noblegarden festival. Well I'm a sucker for a title (having only Sergeant until today) and I went for it.

Collecting eggs is a pleasantly mind-neutral experience, easily done during a conference call and with a four-year-old playing along. Actually, my son had heaps of fun helping daddy collect easter eggs! I wonder if there are any nonviolent dailies out there that we could make a regular activity of? But I digress.

The best part was definitely the stalking of females of various races for Shake Your Bunny Maker. I simply sat at the Dalaran fountain levelling my fishing, and waited for a female of the appropriate race to turn up. Most of them were pretty easy to find except (in increasing order of painfulness): Orc, Tauren and Dwarf. Orc females are pretty rare. Tauren females look exactly like male ones and I blew 2 cooldowns on males before I found one outside of her armour. And female dwarves - I swear there's only one on the Nagrand server. I got lucky.

The surprising part was the amount of fun I had stalking the orc and tauren. It came down to a tense wait, with my thumb poised over my flower button hotkey, for the existing bunny ears on my chosen target to despawn and... POUNCE!

So now Cat is Catheryna the Noble. Was it worth the time? Hell yeah. Would I have done it if the Naxx25 run had gone ahead (the third in 4 days to fall through undersubscribed)? No way. Hey, I've got my priorities...

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