Thursday, April 09, 2009

gear upgrades

So Cat is 76. She's still in T4/5 raid gear, which is holding up nicely. However, she's starting to see some blue gear drop that may well be an upgrade.


I've deperately resisted the clownsuit in Northrend, but there will soon come a time where my old gear will be holding me back. I don't expect that to be a big issue until I start doing heroics and raids, at which point I'm going to have to simply suck it up and send in the clowns.

It's complicated by my gems and enchants, which where almost all best-in-slot at 70. Do I abandon a 103dps dagger with Mongoose for a slightly better and/or faster blue that I won't be enchanting? I guess only a spreadsheet can tell me.

So, my plan is:

- No greens. I draw the line at greens.
- Inconspicuous blues (i.e. those that aren't in highly visible slots like rings, trinkets, bracers etc) will be equipped if they're an upgrade according to the spreadsheet.
- Conspicuous blues will be equipped if they are a significant upgrade according to the spreadsheet. If they're major clowny capers, I reserve the right to vendor or bank them. I mean, I worked hard for my Swiftstrike Shoulders and the Grim'grin Facegard looks completely badass, I'm not giving them up for some random quest drop.

So I think that's fair. When I'm raiding, I'll be a little bit more mercenary, but until then I'm not hurting anyone.

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