Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't want another expansion

Talk has already begun about the next expansion. I may make myself a pariah here, but it's my blog so I'll say what I want.

I don't want another expansion.

Am I mad? Well, possibly, but that's beside the point. The simple fact is that I can't stand another 10 levels of "fedex and kill-x". It is pointless - a meaningless grind that simply forms a speed hump between the release of the expansion and the things I want to do. I mean sure, occasionally one comes across an entertaining quest, but seriously, how much can we really be expected to enjoy meandering around new zones leaving a trail of bodies in our wake in exactly the same way as we meandered around the new zones in the previous expansion?

How much effort goes into creating these quests that we simply accept without reading, blow through, hand in and vendor the reward with barely a thought? What is, to be brutally honest, the freaking point?

Why not leave the level cap at 80 and release new content patches? Kara, ZA, BT, Sunwell, they were all content patches and kept a great deal of people happy without forcing them to meaninglessly butcher thousands of random mobs to do it. Ulduar will be great. Why not just keep doing that? More Hero classes, more interesting questlines for rep or tokens, more dungeons and raids, more content at the current level cap.

Surely it makes sense from a casual point of view too. How many casuals never set foot inside Kara, because they didn't gear up in enough time before it was rendered irrelevant in WotLK? Surely by extending the life of the level cap, casuals (who make up the bulk of the player base) will get better use out of the content?

How intimidating is it now when considering levelling an alt? You're facing 80 levels of the same boring shite that you've done on your main. Now imagine that after another couple of expansions. 100 levels of grind if you feel like trying out something different. Whoopee.

Levelling is a pain in the arse, let's stop pretending it's not. Less frequent expansions, more focus on content patches at the current level cap. Sounds good to me.

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