Monday, June 22, 2009

the top 1%?

Interesting observation tonight: WoWRanked has Cat as rank 102,928 for gear in the world.

If there are 12 million accounts, and each has on average just one toon over level 10, that's well into the top 1% for gear.

In the world.

That kinda made me feel good. Then I looked at my brother-in-law's rogue. Ranked 7,455. In the world.

Bubble: burst.


But then we dropped Hodir again, and Freya 25 for the first time tonight (25/6). And what did Hodir give up? The Conqueror's Terrorblade Breastplate. Which catapulted me to 13th on the guild DPS roster (the 3rd highest rogue) and 77,668 on WoWRanked.

In the world.

Oh and did I mention my spot on the Hodir meter? #1 for the first time ever in a guild progression raid. 6k DPS baby.


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  2. Arrgh, you made me look myself up on WOWranked. In my mind this ranks along with googling your own name. Or um, linking damage meters when you top the meter. I'll let it go this time as...oh look who is no.2 on the meter for that fight.

  3. Lol :) The quest for perfection is not vanity Bel!