Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hodir down

25 man Hodir down in an epic 4-wipe attempt. We lost to the enrage timer twice and had 2 quick wipes but he went down with about 10 seconds to spare on the final attempt.

I love that fight.

Even better: I was crushing the meters tonight. I mean crushing. I don't for a minute believe that pure DPS is the only measure of a rogue, but it is certainly high on the list. I was on the ball, wasn't dying, and everything was going in slow motion. I was spotting who was going to get iceblocked on Hodir while scouting for a sunbeam and shooting and standing on the snow pile; I only got iceblocked once due to a late knockback from a cave-in hidden under a bunch of spell effects; I was swapping my tricks to the highest DPS that had a safe margin on Omen; I was just on the ball tonight. I love it when that happens.


  1. David Sirlin calls that "flow", it's extremely satisfying when everything goes right and you're just totally in the zone. I love that feeling!

    Congratulations on the kill. Any loots?

  2. Can you believe not one, but two rogue T8 chest tokens, and both went to druids.

    Mind you we were running with 4 rogues, so competition was going to be pretty tight for those.

    No loot for me last night, but the meters were reward enough. Just need to work on Rupture and SnD uptime.