Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Going by my previous list, I have about half the gear now. Those I don't have are:

- MH/OH weapons - on the questlines (though I picked up Ced's Carver today at the AH for 40g, a nice intermediate)
- the Slayer's ring (though I have the almost-equivalent Overseer's Signet) - on the questline
- The Primal Intent set (chest/bracers/belt) - needs 375 LW and Primal Nethers
- The Fel Leather Leggings - grinding Revered with The Consortium (now Honoured)

So my current activity surrounds grinding Lower City and Consortium rep, and trying to get Bot/Mech/Arc/Slabs/heroics runs for the other bits. Joy! LW is now up to 355 and climbing slowly.

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